All nights are full!!!!

All nights are full for this summer.

Captains…..Please make sure to attend the captains meeting or send someone in your place that has the ability to vote on changes to the first month due to construction at the courts.

We will be deciding how to proceed during the construction that has rendered the west court unplayable for a while.

See you all on Monday May 1st at 6:30.



Summer 2017 almost full!!

Welcome to Leff’s summer volleyball!

All nights are full, except for Tuesdays, the competitive night, which has 2 openings. If you know of any teams looking to join, have them contact me.


Moosenuts, Vertically Challenged, Sandtastic, Block Party, Tosa Tippers, Dumb & Dumber, Kiss My Pass, & Leggo My Libero


Six Pack, Gigantor & Short, Texas Armadillos, Straight Outta Wiscompton, Town Drunks, Club Tap, Notorious DIG, & Family Affair


Closed Gyms, Spin Doctors, VIP, Leff’s Natzke, Riedel Sports, Leff’s Drescher


Court Marshalls, It’s In, That’s What Cheesehead, Poke A Doke, Notate, 2 Dink Minimum, Harley Hitters, & Leff’s Blue Ribbons


Scorpions, Sandy Pitts, Irish Setters, The Breeders, Show Us Your Hits, Stay Thirsty My Friends, Kraken, & Hart’s Set On Leff’s (will be changing their name)


Thanks, and I will see all the captains on Monday May 1, 6:30 at Leff’s.


Summer Volleyball League 2017

Here is the information for Leff’s Hart Park Summer Volleyball League for 2017.

Leff’s Summer Volleyball Info

Leff’s Summer Volleyball Player Release Form

Leff’s Summer Volleyball Rules

Thursday 7/21 games at 7 pm canceled

lightning and high winds canceled the 7 pm games.

Final Standings for Leff’s Summer League Volleyball. Updated 8/16.

Thanks to everyone for another great summer of beach volleyball. Be sure to check the Leff’s website in February for info on registering for next summer’s leagues. You will, as always, have until March 1 to hold your spot on your night. After March 1, open registration will begin.

Congratulations to all the league champions!!!!

See you next spring, and thanks again for a great summer!!!!!



Sunday Final Standings

League Champions- Block Party

Block Party                 28-14

Sandtastic                  25-16

Tape Sluts                  25-17

Moosenuts                  21-20

Kiss My Pass                21-20

Vertically Challenged    19-22

Dumb & Dumber          18-24

Tosa Tippers                9-33



Monday Final Standings

League Champions- Six Pack

Six Pack                         32-10

Gigantor & Short             30-12

Town Drunks                  29-13

Club Tap                        24-18

Family Affair                   23-19

Hungry Hungry Hipsters   13-29

Notorious D.I.G               10-32

Texas Armadillos             5-37


Tuesday Final Standings

League Champions- Take N Bake

Take N Bake                    34-6

Spin Doctors                    29-11

Leff’s Natzke                    28-11

VIP                                 23-16

Riedel Sports                   17-23

Leff’s Drescher                 16-24

Harts                               9-31

Pound Town                     3-37


Wednesday Final Standings

League Champions- Poke A Doke

Poke A Doke                        31-7

Primetime or No Time           30-8

That’s What Cheesehead       27-11

2 Dink Minimum                   18-20

Court Marshalls                    17-21

Leff’s Blue Ribbons               15-23

Harley Hitters                       9-29

Happy Hour                          5-33


Thursday Final Standings

League Champions- Hart’s Set on Leff’s

Hart’s Set on Leff’s                 39-3

Irish Setters                           26-15

The Breeders                          23-17

Show Us Your Hits                   21-18

Kraken                                   19-20

Sandy Pitts                             17-22

Scorpions                                9-30

Stay Thirsty My Friends            6-35



Games for Wed 6/22 canceled

Sorry folks. We started the 6 pm games but had to stop due to lightning.

Games for Tuesday 5/31 have been canceled

Sorry folks. The weather is not cooperating with us and the radar looks pretty bad for quite awhile, so games for today are canceled. Keep the faith!!!!!

Standings through week 4

Sorry for the delay.

Here are the records for all nights.


Block Party 9-3

Tape Sluts 8-4

Sandtastic 8-4

Moosenuts 6-6

Kiss My Pass 6-6

Dumb & Dumber 5-7

Tosa Tippers 4-8

Vertically Challenged 2-10


Gigantor & Short 9-3

Town Drunks 9-3

Six Pack 7-5

Family Affair 7-5

Club Tap 6-6

Hungry Hungry Hipsters 5-7

Notorious D.I.G  4-8

Texas Armadillos 1-11


Take N Bake  7-2

VIP 6-2

Riedel Sports 6-3

Leff’s Drescher 5-4

Leff’s Natzke 4-4

Spin Doctors 4-5

Poundtown 3-6

Hart’s 0-9


Poke a Doke 9-0

Primetime or No time 9-0

That’s What Cheesehead 6-3

2 Dink Minimum 6-3

Leff’s Blue Ribbons 2-7

Harley Hitters 2-7

Court Marshalls 2-7

Happy Hour 0-9


Hart’s Set on Leff’s 12-0

Sandy Pitts 9-3

Irish Setters 8-4

Kraken 7-5

The Breeders 5-7

Show Us Your Hits 3-9

Scorpions 2-10

Stay Thirsty My Friends 2-10

Games for Wednesday 5/25 canceled

Sorry for the late notice, but games for today are canceled due to lightning.

Games Cancelled for Tuesday, May 10th

Despite the beautiful weather outside, the courts are unplayable and we will have to cancel Hart Park Volleyball tonight. Sorry.